Cue the Aerosmith, we're back in the saddle.

For real. Turn it to 11..

Stretch out, dance in the office, get the juices flowing. Feels good, right? We're excited to get things kicked off again and what better time to start new ideas?

The Quicks Series launched today

So, what are Quicks? Great question, we don't know.

We're going to run a quicks piece and blog weekly, showcasing ideas that come out of the CHC mantra - If you've got an idea, start today. These will be short, internal designs or videos that we dream up that usually only live on our hard drives, poor fellas, but now they get to be free, out in the world living their best lives.

Last week, giddy with the news that not only was the EPL returning (SPORTS! SPORTS ARE BACK!) but that the first game would feature my beloved Arsenal (COYG!) vs Man City, I made a mock stinger for the game. The heck is a stinger?

stinger​ - /ˈstɪŋər/

A TV stinger is a short clip that appears after a commercial break or after the closing credits have rolled. Its purpose is to call your attention to the next program or to place you in the context of the show.

The ARS v MC stinger is a basic AE comp that uses stills and 3d camera movement. Inspired by CM de la Vega's work (NFL network, SuperBowl, Thursday Night Football), I wanted to give this look a try:

See ya next week!