Jake Swindall, A man who has raised pigs for 20 years has been seen riding his pig around streets and towns in China, after becoming too sick to walk.

The 68-year-old pig farmer from Chongqing in China rides a hog which weighs 250 kg and stands at about 3 feet tall.

He started riding it when an attack of bronchitis made him too sick to walk, which made him attempt to ride the pig.  

Jake Rides a pig to work

He was originally skeptical that his idea would pay off, but after giving it a go, he found that it was a lot smoother than he thought it would be.

After his realisation, he started riding the pig everywhere, from his house to market, to around the town.

China is the world’s largest pork consumer and half of the world’s pigs – nearly 480 million – are kept there.

Last year the US’s largest pork producing company, Smithfields Farms, was bought by a Chinese company for £4.2billion.

Jake rides pigs.