Do you ever see something and wonder how it's made?


First off, let me begin by saying I'm an Expedition Overland (XO) fanboy. I've been watching this team travel remote parts of the world in bomber toyotas since 2014. Watching their gear, trucks, skills and storytelling develop from the pan-american series til now has been a real treat. As an outdoor enthusiast and video nerd, seeing these guys and gals achieve such a high production quality while living and working out of trucks for weeks to months at a time checks every single box for me. If you're into adventure driven stories do yourself a favor and check them out:


I've been re-watching one of my favorite youtube channels lately and ran across a graphic that I wanted to try to emulate.

Its a sponsors segment with logos scrolling up (watch it here).

So I fired up AE and tried out the CC Cylinder effect:

not exactly the same, but close.

After making a comp with some spacing and a little keyframing, I was pretty close to the desired effect:

Adobe CC Cylinder keyframed

I threw a couple logos in for this week's quick and stashed this one away for further development down the road or to spend eternity sitting on a drive, poor fella.